Recent Calls
Thu. May 21st 2015
Rescue Engine on the MVA Assist to Hazle

During the early morning hours Luzerne County dispatched the rescue engine to assist Hazle Twp. Fire and Rescue with a rollov...

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Tue. May 19th 2015
Truck on the Force Entry Assist in the Boro

During the early afternoon Freeland Northside BLS requested FFD to assist with a force entry due a medical emergency in the 7...

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Tue. May 19th 2015
Utility on EMS Assist in the Village

During the late afternoon Freeland Northside BLS requested the assistance of FFD with a patient removal in the Freeland Villa...

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News Headlines
Thu. May 21st 2015
Chief Joseph J. Stepansky Awarded Citizen of the Year by American Legion

The Freeland American Legion Post 473 will present its Citizen of the Year Award to Freeland Boro Fire Chief Joseph J. Stepan...

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Tue. May 19th 2015
Freeland Masonic Lodge Pays Tribute to Northside Emergency Responders

The Freeland Fire Department, Freeland Northside Community Ambulance, and Freeland Police Department attended a tribute cerem...

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Mon. May 18th 2015
Congratulations to the Kuklis Family

The Kuklis Family is to be congratulated for two very joyous and momentous events. First James City County Firefighter/P...

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Thu. May 21st 2015
The Freeland American Legion Post 473 will present its Citizen of the Year Award to Freeland Boro Fire Chief Joseph J. Stepansky at its Memorial Day Ceremony at the Post Home on Monday at 12:15pm. The Chief has been involved in the fire service since joining the Citizens Hose Company at age 16 and h...
Tue. May 19th 2015
The Freeland Fire Department, Freeland Northside Community Ambulance, and Freeland Police Department attended a tribute ceremony sponsored by the Freeland Masonic Lodge. The Lodge annually displays their appreciation to emergency responders prior to Memorial Day. The Department thanks the Lodge for ...
Mon. May 18th 2015
The Kuklis Family is to be congratulated for two very joyous and momentous events. First James City County Firefighter/Paramedic Tony Kuklis and his wife Kelly welcomed into their family a baby girl, Voilet. Then over this past weekend his brother Jon entered into marriage with his wife, C...
Mon. May 18th 2015
Forty members of the Freeland Fire Department recently received their Class "A" uniforms which will be officially used for the first time at all Memorial Week Events. The membership decided it was time to upgrade our uniforms for special events and stood behind this decision by enteri...
Thu. May 14th 2015
FFD continued its annual refresher training with a visit to the Hazleton City Training Facility to review SCBA work and hose advancement in a structure. The firefighters received a considerable amount of work doing BA donning and then running the maze. Hose lines were then advanced with BA engaged i...
Mon. May 11th 2015
The Freeland Fire Dept., Freeland PD, and Freeland Northside BLS alone with Luzerne County DA Stephanie Salavantis and the Coroner Office conducted a DUI exercise behind the Freeland DPW Building. This exercise was used to demonstrate the dangers and consequences of drunk driving during the upcoming...
Wed. May 6th 2015
Engineer John Kanuck, Firefighter Donna Karosa, and Junior Firefighters Theresa Karosa, Ken Parsons, and Alexis Castro recently completed a PA Local Level Haz Mat Ops Class at Hazleton City Southside Station. HFD Deputy Chief and PA Local Level Instructor Brian Mandak again taught the class as these...
Wed. May 6th 2015
After dealing with one of the toughest winters and early springs that can be remembered, the process of cleaning up started over the past few weeks and will continue for the foreseeable future. First the station needed a good cleaning after the roof event. That process is ongoing and will ...
Sun. May 3rd 2015
FFD had 9 firefighters attend the "Truck Work: Tactics, Tips, and Tricks" class sponsored by the Nanticoke Career Firefighters, IAFF. The class was instructed by FDNY Lt. Mike Ciampo who is assigned to Ladder 45 in Midtown Manhattan. He authors a monthly article in Fire Engineeri...
Sun. Apr 26th 2015
FFD again made the trip to LCCC/PSTI as it does every spring and autumn to assist with the Exterior Firefighter Class of the Essentials of Firefighting Program. The session provides training for our engineers and gives the students the opportunity to climb the stick. FFD will have firefighters enrol...
Sun. Apr 26th 2015
FFD generally limits the amount of Chicken Bar B Que tickets to 200 meals. However due to the demand the department increased its sale to 260 and sold every ticket. The dinner has become very popular throughout the Northside which is evident by the demand for the tasty meals. President Larry Stepans...
Fri. Apr 17th 2015
Engineer Bill Kuklis has willing accepted further researching the history of the department based upon some very interesting newspaper articles that have surfaced from around the turn of the last century. Some interesting facts that will be brought to light is the Citizens Hose was indeed the t...
Fri. Apr 17th 2015
As is the FFD practice, training on the basics began last week and will continue during the warmer months. Every fireground function is covered during this training to make certain our firefighters stay proficient in our tactics. Hydrants were covered in the first session with firefighters practicin...
Thu. Apr 16th 2015
On Sunday April 12th the VFW Post 5010 hosted a Scotch Doubles 8 ball Billiards Tournament to help raise funds for personal protective equipment for the firefighters.  Shooter from out the Freeland/ Hazleton Area participated and had an enjoyable day laughing and joking as the games went o...
Sun. Apr 12th 2015
Today is Easter according to those who follow the Orthodox Faith. The members and their families extend their Easter Greetings to those celebrating
Fri. Apr 3rd 2015
FFD officers and members extends its wishes to everyone for a holy and blessed Easter season
Fri. Apr 3rd 2015
Recently FFD firefighters completed the Exterior Firefighter portion of Essentials. The course was taught at Hazleton City Southside Station with Deputy Chief and PA Fire Academy Instructor Brian Mandak leading the program. Those completing were Engineer John Kanuck, Firefighter Donna Karosa, and Ju...
Fri. Apr 3rd 2015
FFD expresses its sympathy to the family on the passing of Doris Stepansky. Preceding her in death was her husband, Joseph L. Stepansky who was President Emeritus of the Freeland Fire Department and Chief of the Citizens Hose Co. Chief Joseph J. Stepansky, President Larry Stepansky, Sr., F...
Sat. Mar 28th 2015
The Freeland Fire Department offers its condolences to the family and friends of Chelsea Michalesko. She was a member of the Harwood Fire Co. and Freeland Northside Community Ambulance along with being a Carbon County Emergency Dispatcher. At Carbon she was respected as a very capable dispatcher who...
Mon. Mar 16th 2015
FFD, White Haven, and Weatherly firefighters completed a PA Local Level Program for Fire Safety Officer sponsored by the Suburban Mutual Fire Aid Association. The 16 training program instructed firefighters in accident prevention, reporting, and investigation, proper PPE use, and in developing a saf...
Sun. Mar 15th 2015
Ladder 136-2 or also known as Ladder 57 left the station for the last time today. This rig served the Northside and the area well fighting some of the largest fires in the area including the Fun Shoe Plant Fire in West Hazleton. Many residential and commercial jobs were responded to by the truck and...
Sat. Mar 14th 2015
As is tradition FFD participated in the Sons of Erin St. Patrick's events on the Northside. All the rigs manned up and paraded through the streets paying tribute to the Irish. Also department members attended the annual banquet afterwards totally enjoying the festivities. Regional fire departmen...
Fri. Mar 13th 2015
Thankfully a new roof was installed on the station this week. Finally a break in the extreme cold and snow/ice occurred to provide a window for the contractor to get the job done. Now the second phase of the job begins with the firefighters removing the destroyed ceiling tiles and insulation and get...
Wed. Feb 25th 2015
FFD personnel are manning the fire station during the State of Emergency in the Boro caused by the multiple freeze ups in the water system due to the extremely frigid weather. The system has had many frozen main and lateral lines leaving many without domestic water. The station is being manned 24 ho...
Sun. Feb 15th 2015
For 4 years now FFD firefighters have been battling a leaking roof that is just getting progressively worse. Repairs have been made but only last a short time until another leak appears which starts the cycle up all over again. Falling ceiling tiles, tarps over apparatus and furniture, and buckets a...
Sun. Feb 15th 2015
FFD is proud to have been awarded Bronze Certification Level by the PA Office of Fire Commissioner. The department now boasts of 18 firefighters who have at a minimum Firefighter 1 Certification out of a total of 34 interior firefighters. This attainment of 50% FF1 provided the department the abilit...
Thu. Feb 12th 2015
2nd Annual Country for a Cure was held on January 31st at the Freeland Event Center. FFD provided Beverage support for a very successful event hosted by Past Mayor Tami Martin and Family with the assistance of the McAdoo Fire Department and Donald of course. The great news is that the event raised m...
Sun. Feb 8th 2015
Why is the rescue engine running all these incidents instead of the engine? Well it is quite simple. During the snow season the engine gets chained up in order to keep it prepared to handle incidents when the snow and ice storms hit the Northside. The rescue engine always is kept without c...
Thu. Feb 5th 2015
The truck and utility manned up and made the trip west to Hazle Station 1 for a session working with their door prop.  FDNY Lt. Chris Otto, Hazle Rescue Chief Jason Zoshak, and Hazle Lt. Justin "Roach Dizz" Zoshak reviewed the techniques and shared some tricks learned from the big cit...
Wed. Feb 4th 2015
With all the recent snow and more forecasted, Chief Joseph J. Stepansky requested all boro residents and businesses to assist in clearing the snow from the hydrants in their neighborhoods. In the past this program has been successful with many residents helping to make certains hydrants are accessib...
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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning


Burning any fuel produces carbon monoxide. This means any fuel-burning appliance in your home is a potential source. Poisoning comes from inhaling enough of the gas that it replaces oxygen in the blood.


Gas central heating, space heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, wood burning stoves, and water heaters are all leading sources of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can escape if these devices leak or are poorly vented. Exhaust from a car parked in a closed garage can also be a source.

The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society says that on average, carbon monoxide poisoning kills 40 people a year and injures around 300. But it believes cases are under reported as there is no automatic testing for CO of people who die suddenly.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

The initial symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to the flu but without fever. They include:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Irregular breathing.

If you have any of these symptoms -- and if you feel better when you go outside your home but the symptoms reappear once you're back inside -- you may have carbon monoxide poisoning.

If carbon monoxide poisoning is known or suspected:

  • Get out of the building or car where the carbon monoxide is present.
  • Keep still. (This will conserve oxygen in the blood, which is already at a low level because carbon monoxide has partially replaced it.)
  • It is important that you get treated right away. At the hospital, you will probably get oxygen therapy through a mask.

Call 911 immediately!!!!


Tips for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning


  • Install at least one smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm on every level of your home and near bedrooms. The alarm should meet the latest Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety standard and comply with local regulations for placement in the home.
  • Call a certified professional to inspect, clean, and tune up the central heating system and repair leaks.
  • Monitor appliances, chimneys, and vents for visible soot, rust, stains, blockage, or corrosion. Also have them inspected each year. When in use, make sure they vent properly to allow gas to escape from enclosed areas. Don't close the fireplace or damper before the fire is completely out.
  • Open flues when fireplaces are in use.
  • Hire a professional to clean your chimney at least once a year.
  • Make sure wood burning stoves comply with local regulations and meet current EPA emissions standards.
  • Burn only wood and be sure the wood stove is placed on an approved stove board to protect the floor from heat and embers.
  • Never use generators indoors or in crawl spaces.
  • Use proper fuel in space heaters.
  • Use space heaters in well-ventilated areas.
  • Don't use a gas kitchen oven to heat your home. Keep gas appliances properly adjusted and serviced.
  • Don't burn charcoal or use a grill indoors.
  • Don't use paint remover that has methylene chloride in it, especially when children are around. (Methylene chloride converts to carbon monoxide in the body.)
Fire Poice Needed

Anyone intrested in volunteering we are in need of people for Fire Police. Please contact any member or contact the station at 570-636-3244


Potato Cake Sale, 5/24/15 and 5/25/15

PA State Certification



Essentials of Firefighting, LCCC/PSTI,  Schedule Posted on Board

SCBA Training, HFD Southside, 5/13/15

Station Training, 5/28/15

PA Local Level Training, Fire Police Basics, 6/1/15, 6/8/15, 6/15/15, 6/22/15, FNSCA Station

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